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WordPress services

One-stop solution for all your WordPress needs. We take care of your website so you can focus on your business.

WordPress website design

Need a new WordPress website or a redesign? We will install, configure and design your site.

WordPress maintenance service

Cyberinfo make sure your WordPress website is running smoothly, secure and up to date.

WordPress speed optimizing

We specialize in optimizing WordPress websites for speed and performance.

Professional WordPress maintenance

Cyberinfo takes care of your WordPress website. Our team handles everything from updates, security, and SEO to design work. You can focus on what you do best—your content. Say goodbye to WordPress maintenance with Cyberinfo.

Safe, secure backups for your WordPress site.

Our WordPress backup service is the perfect solution for keeping your site safe and secure. We create daily backups of your site files and database, and store them off-site in a secure location. If your site ever goes down, you can rest assured that we have a recent backup that can be used to restore your site.

SEO optimization

We make sure your WordPress website is optimized for search engines. This means using the right keywords and phrases, having quality content, and having a well-designed website. By optimizing your website for search engines, you’ll be more likely to get traffic from people who are searching for what you have to offer.

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